The local supermarkets carry most basic products with kosher symbols including cereals, pastas, canned foods, condiments etc. Care should be taken to ensure the Kosher symbol is legitimate and recommended. For questions, please email [email protected].

Due to the nature of the island, many food items are seasonal and may not be consistently found in local supermarkets. 


To bring in meat products for personal consumption, one can apply for a meat permit. 
On-island processing of the application on your behalf can be made by Chabad for a $75 USD fee. Email [email protected] for details. This service is not guaranteed.

At times, meat can be purchased from Chabad depending on availability. Email [email protected] for details.


Wine and/or grape juice can usually be obtained from Chabad depending on availability. Email [email protected] for details.

(Please note - the wine currently sold in many stores on island as Kosher does not have a reputable Kosher certification and is not recommended.)

Update :
BARTENURA MOSCATO is now available for purchase at Cavi and Vino (Welches) and at Bryden Stokes (Barbarees Hill location)!
More options hopefully coming soon.


Select kosher fresh fish can be found in the fish markets.

Proper precaution should be taken when purchasing fresh fish.

See the following links for details:


Eggs on the island often contain blood spots.
Care should be taken to check them before use.