Rabbi Eli Chaikin was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio as one of twelve siblings. Eli was educated in Cleveland and in rabbinical schools in Canada, Israel and New York. While studying in Brooklyn, Eli received his Rabbinical ordination from the Central Chabad Yeshiva in Crown Heights. As a young rabbinical student, he visited different Jewish communities throughout Israel and the United States, organizing and directing holiday services, visiting homes and taught intellectual and stimulating classes.

Sterna Chaikin grew up in a Parisian suburb in France. She was raised together with 9 siblings, attending elementary and high school in France. Upon graduation, she pursued further studies at Beth Chana Teacher's Seminary in Tzfas, Israel. She later taught and directed programs at the Bnos Menachem high school in Moscow, Russia. After earning a degree in Judaic studies, Sterna taught at Jewish schools in France, Sweden and New York.

Rabbi Eli and Sterna are proud parents of Chana, Chaim, Mussia, and Zelig.